One of Fair Housing for Frome’s aims is to explore whether shared living can help address housing needs in the town, especially for young and single people. Taking in a lodger can often be a positive move for an older person who is living alone in a large house.

Shared living has the following advantages:

  • Offers a more affordable housing option for single adults and single parents
  • Provides a tax efficient source of income for people with spare rooms
  • Reduces loneliness
  • Develops a sense of inter-generational community
  • Helps older people to stay independent for longer

Fair Housing for Frome’s work around lodging includes:


Publishing a leaflet about lodging which provides practical information, explains the advantages, and addresses some of the reasons that owner-occupiers may be cautious to consider this option.


Working with landlords through the Landlords Association to encourage and support them to allow shared rentals. This includes setting up a new Frome Housing Noticeboard which enables potential Frome landlords and lodgers to make a direct connection with each other.


Setting up a Homeshare scheme which will support older people to find a suitable and safe lodger. The lodger pays all or some of their rent by agreeing to help around the house, doing shopping, maybe some cooking, but most importantly offering some company and the security of having someone else in the house.

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