A Force for Good

Here in Frome we believe that landlords can be a force for good, providing stable and good quality homes for individuals and families at all income levels. Following two pilot events in 2018, FHfF has set up the Frome Landlords Association (FLA), which aims to:


Provide training and information for landlords


Create a forum for information-sharing, collaboration and cooperation


Promote a better public understanding and image of private landlords


Support prospective landlords


Foster positive relationships between tenants and landlords


Help landlords understand and address the housing crisis in Frome

Frome Landlords Association

FLA was launched in January 2019 with funding from the TDS Charitable Trust and Its first six-month programme of training and social events attracted 40 different participants.

It currently has a steering group of five landlords, who are in the process of exploring best practice around the UK and reviewing priorities, especially in the face of changing legislation and increasing demands on the sector.

In August 2019, FLA carried out a survey of its membership. You can read the results here.

It has also set up the Frome Housing Noticeboard so that landlords can advertise vacancies directly to people in Frome who are looking for housing.

One of the steering group members attended a landlord focus group organized by Shelter and was subsequently featured in their blog.

FLA offers a warm welcome to all Frome landlords and prospective landlords.

Please sign up and support our work, especially if you are a prospective or ‘accidental’ landlord, or are self-managing your property.

We are confident that through meeting and working together we can gradually bring about positive change.

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