The Frome Tiny Homes Event

On Sunday 22 March 2020, FHfF is hosting the UK's first all-day event to explore the potential of tiny homes, self-build and co-housing.

Confirmed speakers and contributors include Craig White, Jackson Moulding, Robin Howell, Rachel Butler and Max Comfort. They will share their direct experience of building carbon neutral tiny homes, converting shipping containers into housing, identifying land and financing its purchase, supporting the development of community land and co-housing projects, and creating guidelines for community living. You can see the programme here. 

This will be a unique opportunity to hear from experts; to gather information and ask questions; and to meet with other tiny home enthusiasts. There will be presentations and Q&A, small group sessions, and a group discussion of practical next steps: finding land; securing finance; getting the necessary permissions; and building community. Throughout the day there will also be a range of exhibitors plus an information stand, specialist bookstall and craft activities for children. 

FHfF is grateful for funding from the Somerset Community Foundation which has enabled us to make the event accessible to all, offering tickets either on a donation basis or for free. 

What are Tiny Homes?

Tiny Homes are sometimes defined as a living space of less than 400 square feet – often ingeniously designed to make the most of every inch of space.

However, the Tiny House movement represents much more than that, promoting financial prudence, environmental sustainability and a shift away from consumer-driven mind-sets into a more flexible way of life.

Tiny Homes are of increasing interest, particularly to young people, because they are more affordable than a conventional home, allow for more creativity and flexibility, and offer a range of possibilities for living in community. They are a natural fit with co-housing, self-build and self-finishing.

They also have a lower carbon footprint and enable their owners to live more simply and in closer contact with nature. However, there are many practical hurdles to overcome, including getting access to land, securing planning permission, and meeting building regulations.

Fair Housing for Frome and Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes are part of the solution to the housing supply and affordability issues that we face in the district 
– Councillor Richard Pinnock, Portfolio Holder for Housing, Mendip District Council, November 2019

FHfF is committed to exploring how tiny housing can alleviate the housing needs and aspirations of local people, particularly those on low incomes who are unable to access social housing, afford market rents or consider a house purchase. We have been encouraged by the fact that, over the past months, our public events have attracted a number of people who are ‘hidden homeless’ in and around Frome and who feel that tiny housing would be helpful to them on either a short-term or a long-term basis. 

Our work so far has included setting up the Frome Tiny Homes Action Group, developing awareness and support, and building partnerships. We are now seeking further funding to explore the feasibility of creating a pilot tiny homes community in or near the town. FHfF wants to support the Frome Tiny Homes Action Group to grow in numbers, research planning issues, develop appropriate governance and financial models, identify potential sites, and learn from other projects, so that it is in a position to turn vision into reality.

Our goal is to create housing that is genuinely affordable and environmentally sustainable, which builds community through shared outdoor spaces and facilities, supports imaginative social enterprises and provides opportunities to develop skills through self-build or self-finishing. If you’d like to offer your support – for example by sharing your time, land, money or experience – please contact us at 

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