Local Housing Developments


1502 new houses have been built in Frome since 2006.


A further 567 have consent but have not yet been built.


Mendip District Council’s target is for a further 811 new homes in Frome over the next ten years.

Questions and Challenges

As Frome becomes increasingly popular and well-known, its adjoining fields and former industrial sites such as Saxonvale, Caxton Road and Western Vinyl are being eagerly snapped up by housing developers.

It’s clear that more housing is needed, as part of the national drive to address shortages.

However this also raises questions and challenges:

  • How much of this new housing is genuinely affordable, in line with local incomes and employment opportunities?
  • How much is available for people with a local connection?
  • Is the accommodation built to last, and compliant with environmental best practice?
  • Are these new neighbourhoods designed with community in mind?
  • Do they have the potential to become not just houses and flats but homes, fully integrated into the local community, education and transport networks?

What are we doing?

FHfH aims to work with Frome Town Council and local partners such as the Frome Civic Society to monitor new developments, circulate information, and enable local people to have a real say.

We are particularly concerned about the need for more social housing – that is, homes let by housing associations for social rents.

Mendip District Council’s policy is that 30% of new housing should be ‘affordable’ and 24% social rented, but in practice developers have been allowed to provide considerably less.

FHfF has been publicizing these issues via media articles and public meetings, scrutinizing planning proposals, and campaigning for quality social housing that is well designed and properly integrated.  To see our response to the Selwood Garden Village consulation, click here.

We have also led on the creation of the Frome Area Community Land Trust, which aims to build new genuinely affordable housing that will be available in perpetuity for local people.

Here is the FHfF response to the Selwood Garden Village consultation, January 2020

How to get involved

Frome Town Council has produced a Neighbourhood Plan and Town Design Statement with the aim of enabling local people to ensure they get the right types of development for their community and of improving the quality of existing and future developments in the town.

Every three weeks it hosts a Planning Advisory Group, which consists of FTC staff and town councillors and is open to the general public.

You can contact the FTC Planning Office, Jane Llewellyn on 01373 465757 or llewellynj@frometowncouncil.gov.uk.

FHfF always needs more volunteers to assist in this area.

If you’d like to help out, for example by monitoring new planning developments or by helping to publicise these issues, please drop us a line on info@fairhousingforfrome.org.uk

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