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Fair Housing for Frome produce a monthly radio show called ‘Housing Hub’ on Frome FM. Produced by Polly Lamb and edited by Vicki Burke Housing Hub deals with the main housing issues facing our town with interviews and articles looking at what’s going on and what we can do to help solve the problems we have. On this page you can access all of the past shows and listen again. We also run occasional Webinars and online events, these are also available here to watch again.

The Housing Hub radio show takes a break for a couple of months following the show on 25th May… listen again to all of our past episodes here


Episode 5 – All about the Housing needs Survey –  Hidden Homeless and why we need to act on the lack of housing provision in Frome


Episode 4 – All about Tiny Homes – Rory Supka discusses the Tiny Homes concept and Prana Simon looks at her Tiny Homes project in Totnes. 


Episode 3 – The Iron man of Frome – making a difference for homeless people – Homeshare Mendip – the new lodging concept being developed in Frome – Lockdown and renters the issues emerge – Elim talk about their role in helping the homeless in our town